About us

"GiMi Exports” is a team that brings together different companies working in the fruit and vegetable sector/Sicilian food, specialist in the article individually.

The Team was created to merge the capabilities, experience and strength of all our property thus improving greatly and inexpensively the collective marketing. In this way we can ensure the provision of all required products to the purchaser and one can continue selling to different manufacturers.

Articles that proposes "GiMi Exports” its customers come from the areas best suited for growing and processing of each product. 

"GiMi Exports” is therefore proposed as the sole interlocutor for all the range that represents, providing an organization of specialists, flexibility and ability to respond, in real time, to all the needs of its clients. 

This allows any buyer, with a single order, you'll receive, all dried and processed fruit and vegetables cheap, Sicilian for export.

Giuseppe Sorrenti

General Manager