Botanical name: fruit of "Citrus unshiu" Migawa is a citrus fruit originating in Japan also known as "miyagawa" or "Mikawa" whose plant has a dense foliage of short stature, with arborea. The result is a cross between the Clementine and grapefruit, is rounded and slightly flattened surface upper and lower extremity; It has a very thin skin, usually deep green even after it has taken place the ripeness of the fruit. Inside the Migawa is characterized by a pleasant Orange pulp from totally free of seeds. Its flavor, sweet but tending to pleasant sour taste typical of Grapefruits makes it very interesting when compared with that of the ancestors clementino and grapefruit. The fruit has the particularity to mature early, between October and December and is highly regarded as the first fruits. In Italy the crops are widespread in Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata and produce fruit of a very high quality. 

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